Make your experience and your network personal.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to socializing. Answer as many questions as you want to help us get to know you. Keep your 'target network' of friends as selective as you want.

Join a Vibe. Plan a Vibe.

Search by keyword and get access to public, private and customized Vibes that match your interests. Check out who's available, who's going where and discuss the plans. If your're ready to take the initiative, post a Vibe. Select the time and venue or let other users vote on the 'what' and 'when' from options set by you.

Let Local Merchants Compete for Your Business

Get the offers you want when you want them

Interact with local business owners in a completely new way. We'll give you access to a keyword-specific drop-down menu while planning your Vibe where you can check out relevant venues and real-time offers. You'll also get access to PromoVibes from merchants sponsoring activities that they would love you to be a part of. If all else fails, send notifications to related business owners letting them know that you would like them to compete for your business. In every case, you get only the offers you want--when and where you need them.

Alexis & Vincent

The Evibe Story

Evibe was founded by life-long entrepreneur Alex Lewalle, who came up with the concept of Evibe together with co-founder and fellow French countryman, Vincent Bouzeran, when the winds of fate brought both to Lyon, France to work on an online brokerage site.

It was not long before the two decided to quit the business of finance in order to concentrate on developing a new module for social networking and community building.

Lewalle explains that the two were tired of websites that focused on quantity over quality of relationships and self-branding over authentic expression.

Vincent and I had noticed that, in this age of social media, where you are supposed to be more connected then ever, the opposite was occurring.

The more time we spent on social networking sites, the smaller our real life social networks had become. Some of it is just do to life--you move, friends move and people pair off and settle down into new existences with new social groups.

You are left with a smaller group of friends and get locked into repeating the same activities. We wanted to figure out how we could replicate the feeling we had in college, when all kinds of people were constantly socially active around you and it was difficult to have a boring moment or experience that was not exciting and genuine. So, we began evaluating various social networking and planning models and developing our own technology to add the functionalities that allowed us to create for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s this type of experience and give them a one-stop solution for all their social needs.


Here's what people had to say during Evibe's beta test

Sandra R.,
Changing Environment, Member of M.I.T. Media Lab · Boston, MA, USA

Ernest E.,
Artist and Founder, Emagination Collaboration · Cambridge, MA, USA.

Vipan N.,
Physician and Visiting Scholar, MIT

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